Python-MIP is a modelling tool developed to provide:

   - Ease of use
   - High performance
   - Extensibility

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The Python-MIP package

Python-MIP is a collection of Python tools for the modeling and solution of Mixed-Integer Linear programs (MIPs). Its syntax was inspired by Pulp, but our package also provides access to advanced solver features like cut generation, lazy constraints, MIP starts and solution pools.

Porting Pulp and Gurobi models should be quite easy.

Main features

It is Fast!

Python-MIP calls directly the native dynamic loadable library of the installed solver using cffi. Models are efficiently stored and optimized by the solver and all communication with your Python code is handled transparently.

Full featured

Python-MIP supports cut generators, lazy constraints, solution pool, MIP start, and additional features. By using a simple callback system, the user can exchange information with solvers in a transparent manner.


Currently integrated with the C libraries of COIN-OR CBC solver and the commercial solver Gurobi. Other solvers will be supported soon.

Comes with CBC binaries

The Python-MIP package comes pre-installed with CBC binaries for most used operational systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux). Super easy to run!


Write your Mixed Integer Programming models in python as easily as in high level languages such as MathProg. Several examples are included.

Compatible with PyPy

Creation of large MIPs is up to 25 times faster than the official Gurobi python interface (which only runs on CPython).

We make Python-MIP with passion and three goals in mind

Ease of use

Python-MIP is an intuitive high level modeling tool. Operator overloading makes it straightforward to write linear expressions.

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High performance

Yes, high performance with Python! Integration with C code and compatibility with PyPy compiler results in very fast model generation.

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Extensibility and configurability are priorities. Support to additional solvers and non-standard configurations can be easily included.

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Contact our Team

Python-MIP is a project developed and maintained mainly by two Brazilian professors working at the Department of Computing of the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP). In 2019 the project became part of COIN-OR.

Public discussion forum: Python-MIP google group